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YES. It is still open...Just look at the bottom! OvO
EDIT: I am sorry that I'm taking very long on each person. I work 6-9 hours at my part-time job, since I'm still in college. :I Fridays, I work the longest and I am very exhausted every time I go back to my dorm. 

The first 20-50 (yes, I will honestly do 20, or 50...or until the end of the month) to comment I will do a feature their OC in my journal saying what I like about their OC. The top 5 that I like the most, I will make a gift for them. 
Another Gift for Mercedes by 2Pengu4U  or Random Gift For Tenshi~ by 2Pengu4U <--It may or may not be similar to something like that. P
Fantasy Manga Collage by 2Pengu4U A collage of my favorite (or your chosen) OC art?(Or it can be a collage of your favorite anime girl/boy)
Ggio Vega **MYBABE** by 2Pengu4U or  <---This doesn't mean you get more than 1.
Or, something simple like that.(Ain't he sexy? :iconnosebleedingplz:) I can choose a picture from your gallery or it can be your favorite anime character.

 Or  a private collab with one of my OC's. (I will choose the base) Or, I can edit your favorite anime character in a collab. Just tell me the name and I promise to get right on it when I can!!!

*NEW*GrayLu Offical Website *3* by 2Pengu4U I will personalize your OC characters own website. (Not a legit website. e__e A "fake" screenshot of what it would look like if it was.) It can be just your OC, OCxCanon, OCxOC, or canonxcanon. ONLY FOR TOP 5 RANKED OCs.

I will try my best to make it as accurate as I can (for the first gift at top).

Top 25 Winners: choose 1 of the options above.
Top 10 Winners: Choose 2 of the options above, theme for your character. 
Top 5 Winners: Choose 1 or 2 of the above, theme song for your character, and a fan made video of 1 of your OC's on YouTube. 
#1 Winner: Choose any of the above, theme song for your character, a fan made video of any of your OC characters (choose as many as you like), and a temporally major role in Curse Of The Abyss. 

1. I will not put any recolored OC's on here, regardless of whether or not you claim you don't recolor. I can't stand people who just take screenshots from Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, Gintama, ect,ect...and edits the colors. I don't mind it when people change the ENTIRE person in the screenshot...If you comment anyway, I won't respond. I will simply ignore you and wait for the next person, so it's pointless commenting anyway...

2. Yes, I will do OCs created from games like Rinmaru. I love the art style of all of them. However, I want a description about your OC (this goes for the people who draw their own).

3. As I said above, I want a clear description of your OC. You must convince me that I'll like/love your character, it can't just be the appearance. 

4. NO Mary Sues. No offense to the talented artists out there that want their OC to be "perfect" (look up the description for "Mary Sue"), but I hate Mary Sues and I cannot stand them. I love characters with a bit (even the slightest) flaw in them. It makes them seem more "human". Lol, I should probably say "real" since most OC's I like aren't human. 

5. Please post what photo of your OC you want me to feature in this journal.

6. ....Errr, follow the 5 rules. >.>

1. OC's from games- allowed. (Rinmaru, Ourworld, IMVU, ect...)
2. OC's created by screenshots- allowed.
3. OC's created by hand- allowed, duh.
4. Stolen OCs- not  allowed.
5. Recolored OC's made from screenshots, fan art, ect,..- not allowed. (Yes, that means people like :iconsouleater3334: isn't allowed to participate. 
6. Fanart OC's- yes, as long as you have a written proof...Or, well, only if I can't tell. >.> 
7. Mary Sues- NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO. Not allowed. 
8. Commissions- yes. You don't have to draw the OC yourself to participate. 

I think I just repeated the rules. e.e

Please comment below with the link to your OC's description or anything that I can use to review...Like quotes, history, personality, ect, ect...
As long as the title says (OPEN) it means there are still slots open for rounds. 

Have fun!! (Or, well,..I will. x,D)

1.) First up is the lovely :iconaussiegirlemi: who has drawn this --> 
This OC...My goodness, look at it! ChibiEm has showed excellent style and steadiness in her coloring and line work. I must say, the eye's are just beautiful. The outfit must be a bonus. Fan service in my case (no, I'm straight. x,D). If I was a boy, damn, I'd rape her anyday. She certainly looks like an S-class mage, and I am impressed on how she made her face expression so adorable. The hair is another thing to gaze upon. Lovely piece of art. My overall score on her artistic skills: 50/10. 
What I like about this OC is that she is able to manipulate ice, but has a hidden weapon. That's a great idea in case she's out of magic during a battle! Ya'know what they say? Better safe than sorry~
Now, I can't say that she looks like an ice-dragon slayer, but her appearance gets me thinking..."She must have some type of unfathomable hidden power under her sleeve..."
Her nickname: La-La= Original and cute. I like short nicknames like that. :D (Big Grin) 
"She's cunning and clever. and loves to Manipulate guys into doing whatever she wants done. She can be ruthless to enemies, but to people she 'counts' as friends, she cares for them a lot. 
To most people, she comes off as a Ice Queen, or her Heart is frozen."
OOOhh~ Can be a bit a devilish girl, eh? But also a gentle heart on the inside...Parfait! Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
"Do not let her sweet smile fool you, she will happily cut your throat while you sleep. Her smiles are considered to be real, but people who know the real her, know she is just putting on a act."

O___O ..A-ah--ah...I'm not scared! :scared: Wh-w-who's scared!?NoFaceStareFace 

Her dislikes and likes are very similar to my friend's OC, Sarah Heart (who is seen in the first picture above as one of the gifts.) and Yuki Kirigakure. <---Very interesting OC's, one's the reincarnation of Hikari, the other is a mana eating troll. 

Ah, I should probably rap this up...
As I grade, I'd give her a solid A+. 150% of golden artwork and imagination. This review doesn't even do her character justice. Check her out!

2.) Jericho: Fairy Tail ID by Jericho-Nieves Made by :iconjericho-nieves: 
Where to begin...Well, I just love Jericho's color correlation. It makes me envious~ Since I take so long to get the right colors for my OC's (I'm very picky). Gosh, it looks so comfortable! Cat lick for NyanQueen 
I'd say about his magic, "Limit-transfer" is what really caught my attention. Boy, turing magic into people, objects, ect,ect...Really must've kicked the Law of Conversion of Mass right in the crotch. "Matter can neither be created nor destroyed."Psst. Bitch, have you seen Jeri-kun? >.>
I think his personality is creative~
I must say, as I looked through his gallery, I wasn't quite sure about his skills...But, comparing his old art to his other art, practice makes perfect! I can certainly tell by this one(OPEN COLLAB) Unquenched Allied Powers by Jericho-Nieves compared to this(Open Collab) Getting Past It Together by Jericho-Nieves
he has certainly improved. (Did I just say certainly twice? AH! a third time, dammit! OvO)

I have a thing for blonde guys, so I give this guy a 9/10 for his skills and also creativity and his wild imagination!
I highly advise everyone to watch him!

3.)Momo Lineart by XPenanceX:iconxpenancex:
I love the art style xpenancex drew Momo in...Hmm, I don't have much to say since I don't know much about her...But, what I love about her character is that we have the "same" name!
Her OC---Momo. My Name--Molly. M. O. Get it? MOlly M.O. MOMO!? :D (Big Grin)  (Don't ask me what my last name is. e__e I hate it.)

4.) Checkmate for a Throne by Polarisbear12 :iconpolarisbear12: Welp, other than this character looking completely badass on a throne, I'd say a job well done! The one eye close and one eye open suits her position. And that smirk/grin on her face, speechless...Not on how it was drawn. I liked how she can match all of the properties...The outfit could use a little work...Maybe some armor on her perhaps? A little design on the throne and sword, as well. But those are just suggestions. 
Overall, I really like this character...Reminds me of my other OC Kaigai Furyo Lullaby. Her personality is so "royal-ish", if I may say so.

5.)  created by the lovely and talented :iconfallenangel198:
Ok, this OC is just simply beautiful. Resembles a type of punk/ rock-in-roll type of gal, but classy fashion taste.
Her magic is what really caught my attention. I always had a thing for mages with "shadow" abilities. I'd say it's pretty unique! I love the blue streak in her hair, it matches so well with the rest of her hair, which is kinda messy(in a good way.)
The guitar she is holding really gives the photo a type of emphasis viewing to it...I'm in love with how well her colors were placed. I think the yellow eyes are a good touch. :D (Big Grin) And the softening focus/blurring really makes directs your attention to her face, which is a sneaky little trick! Damn, I wish I thought of that. O_O
She has one heck  of a personality, I must say.

Overall, she's one of my favoritesHeart 
Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1] 50/10! score! A++ my darling! YOU MUST CHECK HER OUT.
EDIT: Gosh, I'm such an idiot. The OC belongs to fallenangel198, but the actual art is created by :iconhimekovillaine:
Soo, this OC gets chosen in the Top #'s, I'll have to reward both the artist and owner of the OC then...Pah! That'll be great for killing time! :I

6.) :iconskateri: Wooah! NO WAY???  This is a character I never seen before! O_o It looks a little too similar to Lucy's 7-year time skip outfit, but the hair just takes your attention away from it all! BY GOD, O_O So many relatives, I can't even count. O_O I'm no so envious this time about that, since I have an annoying 16 year old brat, with a disturbing obsessing with ramen... >_>
Anyway, I love the color blue, so I really like this character a lot. :D (Big Grin) 
I also like her weapon, Zanapakuto. That's a Bleach sword, right? Gosh, I can't tell you people how much I just love crossover OC's. My ultimate favorite OC type.
The black scarf(err, band..Lord I forget what it's called. -_-) completes the picture.
Overall, I give her a 6/10, which is pretty darn good in this case.
This one is a must to check out!

7.)OC Profile: Nevara by TigerBitesThis is another gorgeous Fairy Tail OC made by :icontigerbites:
A truly amazing artist with great creativity and artistic skills. The whole name is pretty clever..."Nevara Lumisade" I would've just looked up "Japanese/ anime girl names" and randomly picked one, but damn, creativity at it's finest! She looks a bit older than 19, maybe 20? Pshah! (Mashima greeting, xD) doesn't make a difference. .3.
I love how her outfit is so classic and it certainly makes her appear as a wizard.
Illusion magic does suit her appearance. The quote, "Perception is a powerful thing. How can you fight when you can't trust your senses?" Man, my mouth dropped to the floor...That quote and her magic, Lord Jesus, how good can this character get? Her personality is pretty "feisty" I should put out...Gosh, so many OC's remind me of my own...Nevara reminds me of my favorite OC of mine, Vivi Neo Abyss a.k.a Master Abyss, who's the guild master of Diabolik Abyss. They both seem wise and somewhat calm during fights...I also love the eye color...I really like how she didn't make her eyes the plain color, purple...Like how most people would make their OC's...The glasses is a nice touch~

Overall, I love this character and she and her OC deserves a barrage of fan girls/fan boys at them..A round of applause for her and her amazing art skills! 
I give her a 100/10. I'm obsessing over her outfit. The colors and and hair color along with the eyes and personality are  a PERFECT match for an OC. 

8.) My FT OC-ArcCrimsonhart by ArcCrimsonhart Alright, this on is made by :iconarccrimsonhart: Now, I know that this is made from a game (boy, don't you lie to me!! -.-) since I have came across this game. Wasn't a big fan..I could never really make a unique character...But his! I love how he made his hair spiky in one direction, like red flames...The katana matches his colors, but I'm not so sure about the eyes.. O.o I prefer yellow, but hey, whatever floats his boat is fine with me. I think that the necklace is a good touch...It makes the character seem like he's just an ordinary guy, but someone who has hidden power under his sleeve. A interesting touch, I must say! (I feel like I'm saying "I must say" too frequent..Waaaah! )
He's a character worth checking out. 
Overall score, I'd say 6/10, since I like the colors, but the pants are getting irritating me. .__. Pah! He's a good guy any who. 

9.) Nuri Fullbody :Fairy Tail: by BlueStripedRibbon:iconbluestripedribbon: Gosh, MORE GREEN! D:< I'm just kidding~ Hmm, I'd say she looks like a Tales Of The Abyss OC...Never heard of it? MY GOD,.. You are missing out! Never mind about that~
This character was drawn very well! I love the shading, god...Now I'm really envious!!! I'm so terrible at it! D:< Oh Blue, become my teacher! France (Crying) [V3] PLEASEEE!!!! 
I like her weapon a lot...It looks a lot like the thingy my fire place has back at my house..(In college..Woot.Sexy and I know it )
I loved her background story, I was moved so easily like a dog on flat ice. 
I give her 10/10 for her hard work in both creativity skills and imagination! 

10.) PC: it was easy by Half-A-Soul-Ginger (character is the left) :iconhalf-a-soul-ginger: 
Alright, I'm just flabbergasted. I love the angel wings, and how the color goes from yellow to red, including her hair. Hardly looks like Cana. It's a surprise that the guild's mark is on her chest xD. I like how her outfit makes her look a bit "gothic" in a way, but the wings and hair make a turn on that one...I'm guessing her magic has something to do with flames?
OOH! Toxic flames, perhaps? A Toxic-flame Angel slayer, maybe? Err-wait, that would mean she was trained to kill her own kind. e.e My bad, my bad!

Gosh, such an amazing creativity. I hardly care about how artistic someone's OC is, as along as you take pride in your own art! The eye's were nicely done. I liked how it's colorless instead of making it look like a rainbow threw up on her with a smacked on bright eyes. Very nicely done.

I give her a 20/10. Bravo, dear! Bravo! Forgive but my review does your character no justice at all! 

Round 2: Going to be the same as I did for round 1 (except that the Top 5 are announced by the end of the month), but for some people I may use more than 1 photo. >.<

1. )    Made by :iconvowen: *3*
            This is one of the OC's that I found the most interesting. The artist didn't seem as confident when she showed me link, and her character's personality seems kind and shy! I can't agree with her, this OC turned out better than I thought from the way she spoke to me! In her description, her boobs aren't large, which I'm actually glad to notice! Most anime girls with large breast remind me of Mary Sues... the "perfect" OC...e__e Like Inoe Orihime from Bleach.. Guaah!! DON"T LET ME GET IN ABOUT INOE...(I get so off topic I have a sticky note reminding me to stay focus...There I go again!!! OvO)
This OC is very classy, and original. It's a sweet design because (seeing most of the OC's out there) Elena, her OC, doesn't "stand out" too much..Which is a good thing, in fact! I like her shoes because they remind me of the kind I wore back in high school. Good times, good times. I love how the flaws in her character are "unique" (I'm kinda a lost for words...College. e__e) in a way. 
"Elena has a lot of inferiority issues picked up by her parents denying her because of her magical aptitudes. She thinks that most members of her guild are stronger than her. She admires them for that, but she hates to fight, so she doesn’t do anything about it, even if she wishes to."
^^ That. SpongeBob (Cries) Is just genius. I haven't come across OCs like Elena (her name matches her perfectly) and I was really moved by how she's able to endure the pain inflected by her parents and admires her peers who are superior (should say stronger, xD). A part of her reminds me of Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail. When is dangerous situations those two characters are always frighten but has a strong will to protect her friends. 
Wanna know what I call that?

I absolutely loved her history. She studied "Sunlight Magic" (very pretty magic, as said in the description) without a tutor in secret and was able to master it. Gosh, I feel her pain. I could never get along with tutors, so I study on my own (Law is HARD. Kao Emoji-77 (Errr) [V4] ). I admire that trait of hers. Haruka Saigusa (Yes) [V6] 
I couldn't hold the tears in when her parents destroyed everything related to magic that belonged to Elena. Cry emote 
I would love to know why her parents held such a strong hatred towards mages...I'm curious! :D (Big Grin) (Man, I wish there was a "Chitanda Eru 'I'm curious!'" emoticon. -.-)

What I find the most interesting about Elena is her magic, which as I said, is "Sunlight Magic". 
"Similar to Light Magic, she basically absorbs sunlight from her surroundings to store it in her body, then using it to make attacks."
^^ Other than shadow magic, I'd say this is one of the most unique ideas for magic! shocked C'mon, even thought it's similar to "light magic" doesn't make it a copy.. >.>

My favorite attack for this OC would most likely be-- "Solar Rain". It's sound pretty darn cool and --  "She again stores sunlight in her palms, and fires it in multiple beams that attack over the opponent instead of a frontal hit."

(I should probably rap this up Scared Emote )

 "I might not be very strong, but I do care for my nakama, more than life itself. So as long as you’ll be trying to harm them, I’ll do everything I can to stand in your way! Even if my bones have to be crushed to pieces, or if my body is torn to limbs… I will fight!"
^^ Shows how strong her will is that, even though she can get terrified to the point where she shakes, she wants to protect her friends, no matter what the cost. She values her friends over her life, which is incredibly brave for some who has a sad past. And, despite how much she hates to fight, she will fight for her friends, even if it means she would be torn from limb to limb. 
I must say, bravo! For the imagination, quite extraordinary. I've never read a description of someone's OC like this before. I could picture everything that I've read, really detailed...Now I'm really, really  envious!!:angry: 

Overall, for the artistic skills, I give her 5/10.
But,..for her creativity and imagination skills: deserves an overload of 100/10 score. I was trull fascinated by this character, and I hope this review did her character the credit she deserves.
I highly advise everyone to check this artist out. (Psst--She might be a fantastic role-player!! O.O)

2.)  This amazing drawn OC beauty was created by :iconimnicc:
First off, I'll start with the artistic skills. Now, in my days (what am I? 50? -_-) I've came across some realcrappy OC's created on bases, but this is just fantastic. If she wasn't used on a base, now that's impressive. The eyes shows that the mage is energetic and happy. <--She's one of the OC's that I like the most who are drawn with so much talent. Her outfit is another gazing art work to be seen. I can tell by the way she dresses that she's a 'traveler lover' (or so what my granddad told my Uncle while having one foot in the grave), and the design is very original. I don't know why, but she reminds me of an Magi OC...I'm not so in favor about her weapon (since it was shown the anime during the filler arc..unless I'm mistaking it as something completely different), but her skills in making the outfit are more than enough to get my admiration (is that even the right word? O.O) However, the idea of the strange markings on her hand, enabling her to summon the hammer at any time is brilliant! 
About her hair---I love it. I'm head over heels for long hair about that length. I love how she parts her hair and has a braid on the side of her back. It reminds me of the hair style back in high school...

One more thing about her outfit---MAN IT LOOK COMFORTABLE. OwO I'm a big fan of sweat pants (and those remind me of them), because I joined too many sports that I couldn't even wear a cute outfit to school. :iconmiseryplz: TT^TT Okay, I'll stop sulking over my high school miseries so I can get a move on with this lovely OC~

I like her personality because it's a lot like mine. O u O Well, sorta..I can't say for sure. (I'm have a very complex personality~)
She's cheerful and a rather comedic girl, yes, that's like me. O U O 
"She is seen as impulsive as well as strong-willed, yet is rarely willing to display her soft side. Whenever she has feelings of discouragement or moodiness, she tries not to let this show by anyone but her closest friends or family. She often thinks of unusual exaggerated methods when it comes to solving rather simple problems, yet her eagerness sometimes allows the situation to work in her favor."
^^ A lot like me, but most of the time, it's completely the opposite. x,DD
Angie, Nikki's OC, is often worried about her brother, Hunter. 
Gee, here's a thing Angie and I have in common: Worrying about our bratty siblings. (I'm sure Hunter is a lovely brother~France emote )

^^ This, would have to be my favorite OC art of Angie. I can tell that the bases are Sting and Yukino (OTP. :iconmonkeyloveplz:) and Hunter looks a lot like Sting to me because of the eyes, but Angie...She hardly looks like Yukino! I don't know if I'm imagining things, but I can't see one similar appearance trait of Yukino and Angie, except for the bangs, but that's beyond the point!! Then again, I think I am imagining things...I'm not sure what's with her check on the side, but any who--- these two OC's are amazingly done and they deserve so much credit for their creator's hard work!! I can certainly tell that they are siblings. Not because of the skin color, the hair, the eye color,..their facial expressions just match! I don't know how I can tell, but I know a sibling when I see one! 
Err. Wait, it said they're twins.. :B Fail. (Not to them, to me! Gosh, I hate it when I have those moments. >.<) 
Anyway, this picture pulled me deep into the meaning behind the art. A brother vowed to always protect his younger twin sister. And from the looks of it, they must be fighting someone! A brother risking his life to protect the one he cherishes. [Always cherish your family. No get. :bademoticon: )

I love her history, really. I was so shocked about the relationship she had with Hunter (he does look like a hunter, darling~)! 
He had the nerve to drag his sister into danger to JUST see what magic is like up front. Man, I would've socked him! And then in a desperate situation, Angie saved her brother as her dormant power awakened. And then he became jealous of her wielding magic! O: And then, I became so moved when I saw that picture of Hunter saving Angie..I could name 50 anime characters who would save the most annoying, jealous button activating (I ran out of words. .__.) in the entire world, all because they didn't want to loose them. 
"You don't know what you have until you loose it." Not so much of an accurate quote since I don't know if Hunter successfully saved Angie and or if she's still alive. But this is partially accurate. :I
Fairy Tail - You aren't Alone by imnicc
Now this ^^ Is the most impressive. I dare to say she drew this herself! And this is such an emotional moment between Angie and Gray (I'd ship 'em! ^_^).  In the break of hopelessness, Angie was falling apart. Then, Gray reassures her that being alone isn't her anymore. She isn't alone, because Fairy Tail, everyone there, is her family. ^^I love how she chose Gray to play that role in this art. I can't see Natsu (maybe Erza) or any other male member in Fairy Tail to be more perfect than this~! TOTAL IN CHARACTER. Ah~Ah~I'm loving' it~ (No, I hate McDonalds. e__e Food's disgusting. :iconguaahplz:)

Overall for this character, I give her a smacked on A+. Complete purity of great creativity, amazing imagination, a wild style for fashion, and an amazing writer! The entire view of her character alone is a dangerous hook to all FT OC lovers. Beware, you might get obsessed with this character, because she got some personality! 
Nikki and Angie deserve everyone's full and undivided love and attention. 
Bravo, darling~ Lord gracious, it must be a miracle for art! Hiro better start taking lessons. ;) (Wink)

 Arika is one of the most colorfullest OC characters I have ever seen. The pink hot pink hair with the yellow at the ends, super cute~! Cheerleader She doesn't look much of a Fairy Tail OC in this...but she has a sweet style and her character is certainly loved by everyone!
        What I love best about this character is her collabs. I love seeing this OC mingle with other OC creators in one artwork! You could legit put this character in any collab and make it 10x more dazzling! The eyes are just BE-AUT-IFUL. And her eye lashes makes her a stylish character, dare I say! I love Lector's reaction when Arika thought he was another "Happy". x,D I'll give a round of applause for the contributor who did this collab with the artist. Her hair is more intense and it really stands out! The artist gives her enough beauty but not so much to resemble a Mary Sue! The yellow bangs in between her two eyes makes her look even cuter! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
Princess-Arika did such an amazing job with her OC,...I-..I can't even see Elie anymore! Hardly looks like she used a base, well done! Gosh, I'm not the type of person who likes "flashy" characters, but she sure got me to L-O-V-E her. 
I can see a tiny bit of flaws, but hey, it's what I like about her~ I must say that the coloring of the hair is just flawless.
^^ This is an incredibly, adorable collab with Saeko ( a real cutie OC ;) )
I must point out that I love how she changed her hair style in this one. Having her hair tied up into a high pony tail is (apparently) what most young OC's have. I'm still impressed that she hardly looks like Cana anymore..

Man, I can't even tell WHAT character she used as base for...(I'm guessing it's Li--*barfs* Sorry..erm, I'll skip that. >.>)
Very adorable~ ^^ Even though I can see the character's FT mark and thigh, I like how she didn't follow through on the entire base. That's just one step ahead of becoming a greater artist!

Now, her personality seems adorable and well kind. Perhaps a bit of a fangirl over something? Pah! Makes her even more adorable!

I want to feature this one last artwork made by princess-arika. Now, this time, she looks a little too similar Lucy. But, ehh, that doesn't matter! Anywho, I'm in LOVE with her outfit. Wanna know why? SIMILAR TO ZEREF~ *o* Zeref is my number 1 FT babe ( I can't choose him over my bablicious Ggio Vega </3 Forever mine. = n =)
I don't know why she has blue eyeshadow, but I'm assuming that it's because of her other eye (which is blue). 
I love the look on her..It resembles wander, thinking of lost...(I'm really at a lost for words when it comes to these things. >.< Don't hate me. = u =

Overall, this character is so colorful and has such beauty that it could kill any Fairy Tail mage. Aphrodite must be      je-a-lous~
I give her a score of 10/10 for her wonderful colorfulness and artistic skills!

Like I said, Arika is a beautiful and colorful character who is loved by everyone! Arika deserves everyone's full and undivided love and attention due to the beautiful master pieces she has provided the people of DA! 
Arika is certainly one heck of an OC.
Or, as how Sanji would address her..
Sanji (Love Love Melorine Again) [V1] : Sanji (Overjoy) [V1] ....ARIKA-CHWAAAAN~! Sanji (Love Chase) [V1] 
(gotta love Mr.Nosebleed. x,D)

4.)Meg's infocard :3 by MidoriShirane  By :iconmidorishirane: 
   Alright, so this is an adorable blonde OC. I like her because on her hair style. And the jacket reminds me of Sanji from One Piece </3.Sanji (Overjoy) [V1] Sanji (Love Chase) [V1] Sanji (Love Love Melorine Again) [V1] Sanji (Love Love Melorine) [V1] <--- Gotta love that perverted cook~ :love: 
I think her personality is pretty darn cute. She's friendly, but it takes a while to trust a person. And then, she would do anything for that person. I'm guessing she had a rough history, perhaps? That's usual the case. She more seems like a mixture of a OP and FT OC, which is cool. :I She does look like a sand mage *-*
Meg and Reyla collab :3 by MidoriShirane <--- The collab is just too adorable. *>*

OH SWEET HONEY, :iconhurrhurrplz: she like penguinspingouins contest entry 2 

I agree that sand and penguins don't mix well....:icononionsighplz: *sigh* Tragic...Lucy (Sad) [V2] 

I give this character a slick score of 8/10, great job!Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1] 

5.)Last Days of Heroes Character: Dante/Inferno by ThunderGoku :iconthundergoku: Not as artistic or creative as most I've seen, but I got this: Imagine him in an anime show...Let's say...the art style in Legend Of Legendary Heroes, or Brave10. A determined hero, ready to use his flames to burn any enemies that stands in his way to ashes. He got the normal human looking clothes on, but the cape to show his true colors. (Gosh, I'm a terrible person. TTwTT)

6.)Lilabelle Lacrimosa ID card - Fairy Tail oc by SophieScarlet This beautiful OC was created with sweats and blood by :iconsophiescarlet:
FT oc - Hidden emotions by SophieScarlet

I just had to admit...This OC, I can't even accurately describe how amazing the artist's talent is. The picture resembles dark, deep hatred for another being,..a deadly, cold look. Staring off into the distance with dark, piercing eyes. Almost as if she can see right through that kind hearted act a person puts on. 
I must say, Sophie has some amazing talent with her drawings. At first, when I first saw her very first (gosh I said that 3 times. ._.) OC art, I wasn't sure about her...Then, she began with a dozen of new improved skills and it hit me like BAM! You can definitely see the determination and the despise in her eyes.
Carefully, and steady movements, the picture above turned out a work of art. The purple eyes are a perfect match for her character. And the hairstyle is original and very stylish. 

FT oc - Lilabelle Lacrimosa - Who are you ? by SophieScarlet
Her character is very interesting around her personality or "outer self". It's like regret is playing over and over in her mind like a record. The art style, the shading, and the emotion she is giving off is really outstanding. 

FT oc Lilabelle Lacrimosa-new outfit Peacock Queen by SophieScarletSmile of joy by SophieScarlet

Not only is she good at actually drawing, but her taste is style is wicked and smashing! One of the reasons why I like her a lot is that she's one of the only OC's I've seen that hardly looks like Lucy or any other of the girls in Fairy Tail. She makes her super adorable! The necklace in the up close photo really completes Lilabelle's look.
Her designs are very creative and the silver whip with the spikes along the sides makes her intimidating. The Peacock feathers is a nice add to her outfit. The high boots are always a good choice for an OC wearing shorts.
I can honestly say, that she doesn't seem like a FT OC that much...However, the design of her character is good enough to be in her own original story. Her character deserves more than just being a fan character OC.

FT ocs - Collab with Saeko and Duncan by SophieScarlet

Another thing I love about this OC: She can change the entire facial expression of a base and make her look NO similar to the original character. x,D I laughed too much at her pervyness and Duncan's like ":bademoticon:  HELL NO!!!"
The face expression of Lilabelle is very detailed, which is very impressive. SophieScarlet is such a talented artist, I bet she knocked this thing out in 30 minutes! Heck, she doesn't need to use any bases. Pfft, she too good for bases~ Bases wish they were as good as her~ FT ocs - Collab with Takashi S. by SophieScarletHer collabs are very artistic and professional. I love how she made Lilabelle smoking while speaking with Takashi (another awesome OC). 

Collab Naomitria and Lilabelle by MiMiVocaloid by SophieScarletWhat I find very impressive about her is that she edited a base into a screenshot for a collab. x,D I see people do that, and it turns out terrible! But this..she did amazing.

FT oc - Lilabelle quick sketch ~I'm such a fool... by SophieScarletFairy tail oc Lilabelle quick sketch by SophieScarlet
Not only is she amazing at using bases, but drawing her own art herself! I'm honestly still stunned at how amazing she makes the facial expressions. "I'm such a fool." Looking at her face, I could imagine her saying those words...It's like its written all over her face. Her fashion designs for her characters is pretty damn creative and wild. 

Fairy Tail oc - Bellos V Phoenix sketch by SophieScarlet
Lol, awkward heart face. I love how creative she can get with her own original ideas. I gotta admit, the dude looks like Brave10 OC, but still a job well done! 
FT oc - Lilabelle and ...? Sketch~Fates dirty play by SophieScarlet

T-t-this...Is just too awesome..I'm so sorry Sophie darling~ I'm at a complete lost for words to describe how amazing this is drawn. I have the words, I just don't know how to get them out! OvO 
All I can say, you got a real knack for drawing. Gosh, lord gracious~ I'm getting too envious with these OC reviews~ *3*

FT oc~ Fatefull meeting ~The snake and the peacock by SophieScarlet

FT oc ~ Lilabelle Lacrimosa GIF by SophieScarlet
The gifs she makes are just outstanding and truly professional. Her hard work proves to the other OC creators who sticks with cheep recoloring and screenshot bases that practice makes perfect! I love the dazzling light in the second gif. Really got my eye wandering...Confusion And the reflection of the light in her eyes are just so pretty. 
I really like the first one at the top, since you can obviously tell it must've taken her days to complete it! 

Laxus vs Lilabelle by SophieScarletFirst Encounter - FT fake screenshot by SophieScarlet

My favorite thing about Lilabelle is her relationship with Laxus. They first started out as enemies. Or, seemed like in the beginning Laxus liked to harass her about being "trash". Sophie put in a nice movement with the necklace. It makes her look like she stopped right in her foots stop immediately the very second she saw Laxus. 

Look what you have done - FT fake screenshoot by SophieScarlet

This was just amazing. She did a fairly nice job making the scratches and the blood around her injuries and bandages. Damn, still too darn good with the facial expressions. She seems unconscious, but looks like she's going through a lot of pain on the inside. The way her eyebrows are positioned makes it obvious. ..Is she nude? O.O Damn, Laxus...Did you have to shock her that badly that her clothes would disintegrate? >.> I love how Sophie smudged the blood trailing from her eye to her cheek. Everything about this picture says it all: Laxus and Lilabele fought. Laxus defeated her and greatly injured her, and know he's regretting it. I wonder what happened between them during the fight. O.O I'd love to know~

Reconciliation - FT Fake screenshot -COLLAB OPEN by SophieScarletDon't give up! ~Fairy Tail oc fake screenshoot by SophieScarlet
I absolutely loved how Sophie made a character development between Lilabelle and Laxus. In the beginning, he seemed harsh towards her, and then he lightened up with her. So cute~ *3*
As I said many times before, Lilabelle's facial expressions are perfect for her emotions. Spot on. The one at the end...I can't really explain it..But it makes it look so emotional with his friendly smile and her tears running out of her eyes. Their expressions match perfectly. I couldn't have done it better myself. 

Lasty, my favorite LiLa or ('LaLi is LaxusXLi--*barf* I'm sorry..I just can't say her name openly. It sours my tongue. e__e
FT oc - Laxus pervy thoughts by SophieScarlet Gosh, I can't believe I actually fangirled at this. It's so hilarious! Never thought Laxus would be so perverted... Byebye Mirajane~ (I actually ship them together so much..But since Lilabelle doesn't exist...I'M FREE TO LIKE BOTH! Maybe a threesome? x,DDDD) 
The way how she drew her breast larger makes it suitable for Laxus' perverted imagination. Most guys would imagine their crush in sex appealing clothing with a sexy look on their face and a shiny background. This is why I never want to get into a guy's mind. O_O I'm terrified to find out what they guy's on campus are thinking. x,DD
Anyway, the picture is so professionally done, that Lilabelle literally looks like she's a character from the anime. Very talented. You don't see many artist like her who can do that. 

FT oc ~ Past and Deception by SophieScarlet

Lastly, (FINALLY, sorry, but this character is just too good.. T^T Oh dear, there goes my fingers and their numblessness<--not even a word. e.e)
I loved her history. Yes, I know I say that a lot about people, but really,...This is one of the stories that really got me hooked. I wanted to know why the guy in the gif called her a "cursed one"...I thought maybe because her magic is dangerous? Then I found out that she is unable to cast any form of magic, so she has her own magic weapons to use when she fights...That got me interested into thinking "Maybe the guy in the hoodie put a seal on her so she's unable to use any magic because it could threaten humankind?" Maybe~ I dunno, you'll have to ask the gorgeous genius of the beautiful OC~. 
I found it funny and natural that Natsu kept mispronouncing Lilabelle's name for Lacribella' ,making her repeating herself over and over again...And then Gray began calling her that, so she gave up. x,D Considering how her personality is, that was expected. I admire the type of characters that strive to become strong, like Lilabelle...But are afraid of becoming weak...<--One of the things I must accept in my characters. -.-Knowing that she is a shy person, it makes her character even cuter~ I hope she gets more of a character development and can become fully confident about herself. But hey, flaws like that make a character very original and interesting to watch. I was shocked about her not having an Edolas self! Maybe that's why she was called a "cursed one"...I never thought of something like that! O:

Alright, now about this picture, I love the lighting, and the emphasis and strong emotion it is giving off. It makes it look like that Lilabelle and the man know each other, but have parted ways, for now...The only thing that bugs me about the picture is that I can't really see the words enough to read them...:/ Other than that, the picture was fanatically made with skilled lighting and coloring! Legit looks like a colored manga page or cover...Really. x,D

As I said, Lilabelle is an amazing character with a great background story and past, along with a couple mysteries about herself~ Oooh~ Makes me curious! (DAMMIT SOMEONE BETTER MAKE A CHITANDA "I'M CURIOUS" EMOTICON. OvO I'll fuck a goat if no one will. -.- Legit. Ok, now I'm being stubborn. Psspht..
Overall, I give the amazing and talented artist a 150/10 score. Ultimately one of my most favorited OC characters ever. No argument here.
Sanji-kun, if you may~

Sanji: HAAAAI MOLLY-SWWAAAN~Sanji (Love Chase) [V1]  LILABELLE-CHAAAAN Sanji (Overjoy) [V1]  !

7.)Fairy Tail OC - Amy Flowermap by Camoche :iconcamoche: Ok, is she a fruit? O.O A leaf mini skirt!? Daamn, that's adorable~ I love how the hair is done; colored like a banana, and a cute little fruit clip(?) holding her hair up in a cute style. :iconmonkeyloveplz: Very original, and this time, new. O.O O.O
Even though that this is a picture taken of a drawing, it came out pretty good! The coloring, the body figure, and face, all look like it's done by an expert! Y-ya'know, I was never that good until I began art classes... :iconmiseryplz:
:icononionsighplz: Oooh~ I'll have such a tragic end with art someday! Kudryavka Noumi (Depressed) [V2] 

I give Camoche an awesome score of 7/10 for putting a lot of effort and an independent style of FT OC's of her own!
:thumbsup: or :goodjob: 

8.) Jakalyn Battle clothes by BAMITZSophie :iconbamitzsophie: 
Hmm, she reminds me of Wendy, because of the hair. And her clothes look rather delicious. Hungry hungry LA 
The colors look like mint chocolate, and now I'm hungry. hungry The body figure could use a bit work, but like I said, I'm not completely judging OC's by how skilled they are. I can imagine this OC as a cute little Wendy with twizzler candy eye colors ^_^. D-DAMN... O w O Everything about this OC making me hungry!!! D:<<<<
Pah! I give this little arty tart (sweet tarts. -.- Dammit, now I want it. -.-) a score of 4/10. Don't feel bad! I give you a good score on how hungry this OC got me. >.< The 4 was just the skills...Keep trying 'cause practice makes perfect!

9.) Thank you for 100+ Followers! + Merry Christmas by Starry-Imagination Sanji (Love Love Melorine Again) [V1]  Another beauty of the FT OC fandom who puts Aphrodite to shame, created and belongs to the magnificent :iconstarry-imagination:
Man, this OC is so beautiful, I don't even know where to start on the appearance. The hair looks so silky and shiny, and the blue color along with the wavy hairstyle makes her appear as a beautiful ocean princess on two feet, or an erotic sea goddess who disguised herself as a lovely mage in a village. The red dress is an elegant match for Tsuki. Most OC's when blue hair, they seem to be wearing matching colors since blue is apparently a hard color to match clothing with if it's a hair color...The two colors (the hair and the dress) don't seem like they would match very well, but the bright, seductive, emerald eyes even it out! If you cover her upper body with your hand, you can see that the green eyes is a perfect eye color for the blue hair! And if you focus on just the eyes and the outfit and ignore the hair, another perfect match! I swear, I'm becoming more obsessed with the style of the hair...Blue is forever my favorite color, and wavy hair in anime characters is just my total obsession. I can't say that pale skin would look good on her...So the tan skin was a good choice. (I've seen so many pale OC's with blue hair. e_e) The skin color makes the whole "ocean princess"/ "erotic sea goddess" simile romantic. /Yes, I am calling her sexy.Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] / (She would be perfect for a shounen romance anime.) I'd say that the wristband is a clever touch. ; ) The whole outfit doesn't make her look too elegant that she wouldn't be fitting as a mage. It gives off an impression that she's a companion of the guild she belongs to, but with great taste in fashion.

It's the Night that Powers Me, Not Just the Stars by Starry-Imagination
I loved this Tsuki OC art of her. The background matches the whole "night/star magic" she possesses. This time, instead of red, the dress was a blue-ish purple, which fits perfectly with the whole blue outer space background. 

Natsu and Tsuki by Starry-Imagination

One of the things I like the most of Tsuki, is her creative way of using bases. I think it's smart that she colored Natsu the same art style so that he and Tsuki would match. X,D It looks like that she's a little creeped out about what she is seeing... I wonder what. O.O The whole starry background goes pretty darn well with the whole concept of her character. (To make things simple and completely irrelevant to what I just said: I'm still obsessed with her hair.CaramellDansen Emote GIMMIEGIMMIE. Soul La ) It was a good idea to make Natsu's hair the same quality as Tsuki's, so she doesn't look totally edited in and not blending in with Natsu.

Fun at the Beach!!! by Starry-ImaginationNaval Battle of Fairy Tail!!! by Starry-Imagination
Another thing I'd like to add on this review involving what I like about her appearance before I start getting into inside of her character is her bikini suit matching. For the first when with Tsuki at the beach, I like how the color is blue and it resembles the clouds in the design. I'd say that normal blue and aqua/teal blue is one of the perfect matches together. The pink hair clip stands out because it isn't too blended in with her hair, and it's a different color than the rest, so it was a nice choice. And now about the tube (or whatever's around her stomach), the apple color works well with the blue bikini and emphasizes with her hair color, and it matches her eyes. 
I'd say about this beautiful OC, that she has one heck of a taste for color correlation. T^T 
Yellow always matches blue, or always in my opinion...Probably depends for other people, I guess...Gosh, not to be a complete pervert on my inner guy self (yes, I can be a male sometimes at heart </3), but damn, that is some flashy bikini wear...
I love how the hair shines brightly under the water. Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1]  It makes me think that her hair reacts when she's underwater, maybe a power boots? But then again, I must remember that her magic isn't anything related to the ocean or water...(same difference.. >.>)

Now to her history and her character (other than appearance and how professional she looks. Yes, I'm still obsessing with the hair...)
cries I'm going to need a bucket for the fountain of tears I've just shed.Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
Wasn't very detailed, but I could never bare that type of burden (I AIN'T SPOILING YA SHIT. 0V0) on my shoulders...Well, in reality, if my sister ever began drinking and lost her memories, I would've marched Michael Jackson style right down to the hospital and slap her a million times until she gets her memories back..But that's just something I'd do..I realized I am getting off topic...again.:crying: rvmp 
I like how Tsuki matched the relationships with her and the members of the guild.
For Mirajane(as kid), she always teased Tsuki about her magic. ✓ 
For Natsu (as a kid), he and Tsuki always fought over the stupidest things. And knowing Natsu and winning, he'd always win. smill - Natsu 1 
For Gray (as a kid), Tsuki and him always got into fights, but he always held back. ✓ <--- I know that Gray would do something like that. x,D (The name tsuki comes from the meaning "the moon". Lord gracious, since her magic is star/night magic, there's isn't another name that could fit her better! )

Damn, I'm tired, so I'm going to wrap this up and go to sleep. =~= ( I hope I decide her for being in the Top 10 or 5, because I found the perfect theme song for her. *-*)
Overall, on her artistic skills involving coloring, editing, ect, I give her a 10/10. Bravo, my darling! :kiss: revamp Mwuah!
For her character description, I give her an 8/10. Simply eye watering words! Mariko Kurama (Crying) [V1] 

10.) AND NOW FOR MY PERSONAL FAVORITE (I've been dying to do a review on this one...)
New ID ~ OC Aelin Shielder by Cheshire--Fox
Alright, I am just...Spazattackplz (<<Yeah, that.. >.>) This adorable OC, who's name is Aelin Shielder Woo!  is made by :iconcheshire--fox: (I was listening to the perfect music while reviewing her. :happybounce: )
Oh lord gracious, another OC that I will be obsessing for the rest of my life. Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1]
I love how (instead of creating a FT mage that looks the "same" as everyone else does..), Yoren used her time and sweats to create the lovely work of art. The dark, brown hair, and the hair style is perfect for an Utawarerumono OC, and the ears just add it up. She's just so adorable with that smile~ Squeee~ I'm just fangirling on how beautiful this was created~Squee!  I love how she made her skin shiny around the shoulders, breast, and cheeks. It makes her more feminine-ish, and it reminds me a lot of how Milady666 does her GrayLu art. (Not to go completely off topic, excuse'm moi milady Yoren~, but the number 666 stands for Satan. O.O Not sure if Natalie(Milady) knows that. >_>)
Anyway, YorenTheFairy has shown excellent style and artistic skills good enough to make Hiro Mashima be put to shame! It's like she's the female copy of Hiro...Making an OC that looks identical to his own drawing level! 
The smile of her face.. DAT SMILE~ :iconawwwplz: it makes her look even cuter! But to make things awkward (my friend Jack got a boner and was like "Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] Gimme dat phone numba." 
:iconvivneoabyss: "She's an OC, Seamus...An OC....-. Face 
Seamus: "She puts on my OC."
(Looks like he's not going to help me with the Top #'s. >.> He would probably try and rape my computer the next time he comes over. He's always drunk.)

I'm going to start here since I know that there's a lot of underaged DA users here. After that, it got pretty awkward! I had to see him to the campus's nurse. (He drank a lot...And now he's suspended.)

The softness effect of her ears makes them look very soft and fury! (Simply adorable. Nuff said.)
And the colors of her clothing are just perfect for that sweet face!

Other than Tsuki's hair, I'm obsessed with Aelin's too. It looks a lot like one of my personal favorite OC's Saeko Rosei (but I wasn't a fan of the pink) so I yelped in excitement when I saw Aelin's hair with the similar style but in dark brown! Spinning Awesome Smiley Makes me head wanna spin! (W-why...? >_>)

She doesn't really look like a mage to me, but a half wolf half human mage might do! tsengheartsitplz (Always wanted to see an OC like that. My childhood dream out of 666 of them. Yes, I do, and no, I will not share what they are. >__> T-t-they're personal, aight? :iconalaskaplz:
The red marks against her face makes her even more adorable! 
The shiny effect in her hair (grayish line) makes it look divine! 

Nice to meet you! by Cheshire--Fox
Now, you must be thinking, "This OC is too good. She had to of used a base." 
SIR, I believe you are wrong~ THIS ^^ Is a sketch of her OC, full body but only cutting off the lower part of her legs and feet. A siding the appearance of how lovely her OC looks, her outfit she designed is another fine-looking aspect of her character! I simply couldn't take my eyes off! 
From the other picture, which was colored and up close of Aelin, she didn't look like a mage, more of a half human OC from a different anime, hardly a crossover. But, now that the guild mark is shown, she's like a crossover OC between Utawarerumono and Fairy Tail (an interesting combo). I'll admit, I'm in love with OC's that are kinda crossover-looking, but never have I see one such as this! An angelic, charming, mage such as Aelin deserves a good look at her gallery (once she uploads more in the future. Kya~ I can't wait~).
I highly recommend watching YorenTheFairy. Anyone would highly regret missing her winsome artwork. 

Overall, this character made my eyes split open from the shock of her beauty, and my mouth drop to the floor the very second I laid eyes on her. 
I give the lovely and talented artist an A+++ bomb on catching my attention with...just about everything! 
A score of 500/10! (Too high? c: WELLL TOO BAD 'CAUSE I WUV HER~)
I feel so ashamed. :iconimhachuneplz: I'm afraid that this review doesn't give her 1/10 of the credit she truly deserves! cries 

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Info: Yui is calm and gentle girl who loves to draw in her free time. She loves to hang out with her friends in Soul Society. Yui is a kind and helpful young woman and cannot abandon another in trouble. She isn't afraid to act out on her own and will take matters in her own hands from time to time.Yui is also somewhat proud and is not afraid to get physical with those that challenge her authority or brag about her abilities. She also a very emotional person and lets her emotions control her from time to time.
Yui was born in the world of living along with her sister. Her mother Yukiko had to take care of Yui and Mei together alone, since the father abandoned them when they were 5 years old. Mei was the first to be born, then it was Yui who was born second. When Mei turned 17 and Yui turned 16 Yukiko passed away from getting hit by a car. Yui and Mei were really sad about their mother passing away. A few months later, Yui died in a car accident. Mei was so depressed about losing her sister and her mother that also passed away. 7 years later Yui became a Shinigami and began to go to Shino Academy to train. After completing Shino Academy, She was assigned to Squad 10. When Yui first met Toshiro, she thought of him as a childish boy and should not be a captainLater on Toshiro saves Yui in a fight she cannot win and he acts serious and mature. After Toshiro saved her Yui thought "i should treat him like i would with other people." Later on she began to develop a crush on Toshiro and started to act all shy around him. A few months later she obtained her twin Zanpakuto's named Mizutokōri no kodomo meaning Water and Ice ChildWhen Yui first talked to Mizutokōri no kodomo, the twin sisters were both really stubborn at first, but later on became not so stubborn and started to warm up to Yui. Later on Yui meets her childhood friend, Shiori. Who was killed by a hollow when she was 10 years old. 

Another commission i asked for of my Sword Art Online Oc named Shina with her boyfriend Akaito
Info: Shina is Shy, Friendly,a helpful woman and loves to cook. 
Here are some more pictures of her from PCM and here is the pictures to her BF <- Profile ^^
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2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I will notify you when I'm finished: :T
Jusace Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eh.. I think I need comment here for the review you said? 
2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) That is correct! :P
Jusace Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So I need put something specific in the comment? Info or something? 
2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's easier to read the description. (I get so much feedback, it's hurting my fingers)
Ruchia-Scarlet Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd like to participate x3
2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are in either the 4th or 5th group. I'm busy with the 3rd right now. :P
Ruchia-Scarlet Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok and tahnks :DD
ThunderGoku Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the review! If there are any improvements you could suggest in the future, I'd be happy to take them on board.
Camoche Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for your review !! I wish my OC was as interesting as Lilabelle, but I 'm not good at writing interesting stories T.T I'd say my OC is a minor character in the Oc world, but I like it this way, it's better than a "purple moon poison ice dragon slayer" xD

Thanks again Spazattackplz 
2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Purple moon poison dragon slayer"
That sounds like a Mary Sue type dragon slayer for sailor moon. ._.
Anyway, you're welcome! (Did you know that ZN got banned again? Ah~ Mia did come through~ :D
SophieScarlet Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Student General Artist
When will the contest begin? Do we need to vote?
2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, no.
I need to finish putting everyone in. XD
And, it would take too long for people to vote, so I asked a couple friends off of Facebook to help me with it. XD
It might be delayed since I'm behind on schedule (I am sick).
SophieScarlet Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Student General Artist
how many do you need to fill the space?  
Wait ,if you invite them to the contest it would be easy (i think) ,but if you are waiting for ppl to appear then thats another story xD
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